Our students spend two weeks in Mallorca

Around 30 students of Catalan from all over the world (United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Poland, Mexico, Brasil, Bosnia, Cuba, etc.) had the chance of spending two weeks in Mallorca, learning Catalan and discovering a new culture. Some of our students from QMUL were there, practising the language while enjoying the island and making new friends.

They have been cooking (and eating!) traditional dishes, such as “coca de trempó”; visiting emblematic buildings, like the Parliament; walking around the city centre in Palma, where amazing views of the Cathedral were to be found anywhere; meeting Majorcan writers like Sebastià Portell; singing Majorcan “gloses”; swimming at the beach, in the amazing blue water… and, more importantly, making new friends and speaking Catalan all the time!! 

And this is all free, funded by the Institut Ramon Llull.

If you don’t want to miss this experience, study Catalan with us at Queen Mary University of London! 


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