The II School of Catalan Linguistics has been a success!

Today the II School of Catalan Linguistics (EDELC 2022) has just finished and we are very glad to say that it has been a great success!

From the 7th to the 10th of September, around 30 students have attended the EDELC 2022 at the University of Oxford to learn and discuss about Catalan linguistics.

On the first day, the invited speaker was Professor Max Wheeler, one of the greatest reseachers in Catalan language. During this edition of the school, the four teachers of the courses have been: Dr. Afra Pujol (Diachrony), Dr. Sílvia Perpiñán (Language Acquisition), Dr. Xavier Villalba (Pragmatics) and Dr. Eva J. Daussà (Sociolinguistics).

Today the winner of the II Aina Moll Award has been announced! Tristan Lee, from the University of Cambridge, has won the award with a paper entitled “Clitic climbing in Algherese Catalan: empirical findings and analysis”. The award is funded by the Government of the Balearic Islands and consists of 3.000€.

The EDELC has finished with a concert by Pau Alabajos, organised in collaboration with “Valencians UK”.

Finally, the organisers have been: Dr. Víctor Acedo-Matellán (University of Oxford), Dr. Anna Paradís (University of Oxford), Dr. Ares Llop (University of Cambridge) & Dr. Isabel Crespí (Queen Mary University of London), with the collaboration of the Institut Ramon Llull.

Congratulations to everybody! We hope to see you all very soon! 🥰

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