James Thomas has his anthology of Occitan literature reviewed in ‘Revue des Langues Romanes’

James Thomas, a PhD student at the Centre for Catalan Studies, has just had his anthology of Occitan literature reviewed in the prestigious journal Revue des Langues Romanes.


The anthology, of almost 800 pages and the first of its kind in English, is an extraordinary achievement. The reviewer, Jean-François Courouau (Université II Toulouse Jean Jaurès)​, was lavish with his praise:

“James Thomas has thus produced a monumental piece of work. The anthologist’s task never being easy, his choice of texts cannot be reproached and tribute is paid to the considerable effort involved in translation.”

“The anthology is a milestone and, for this reason, deserves not only to feature in all the university libraries of the anglophone world but also in those of researchers and enthusiasts of Occitan literature whatever their country of residence or nationality.”

James commented: “This book was a long project and it’s gratifying to have my work recognized and lauded in such detail.” 

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